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The NewsUSA
video unit

Innovative and engaging video unit
delivers brand safety, optimal user
experience and creates new
revenue stream for publishers.

Innovative and
engaging video unit

Outstream video inserted into the heart of 
editorial content


Greater Engagement

Our video unit provides
premium, engaging, and
brand safe ad experiences.


Impressive Design

The video unit has multiple designs to fit natively in all websites.


Increased Inventory

Create a pre-roll inventory of high-impact, fully monetized video placements, and add new revenue opportunities.


New Revenue

Our Video units creates a
pre-role inventory and ad
new revenue opportunities.

The NewsUSA video Unit

Premium, engaging, and brand safe ad experiences.

Premium Content

Get access to over 2500 new
premium and brand safety
videos everyday.

Guaranteed viewability

Our ads only launch when 50% in

Ease Of Integration

Requires 1 video and 1 script in the adserver

Brand Safe

Ultra premium environment for branding video campaigns.


We have partnered with IAS, Moat and DoubleVerify to offer fraud-free inventory.

User Friendly

Our ads only play when in view and are always sound off by default, respecting the user.